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    RV Inspection

    Purchasing an RV is a significant investment as you will spend tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands on one. Wouldn’t you like to know the condition of the RV beforehand so you don’t end up buying a headache?

    Even purchasing a new RV can have issues right out of the factory. Oven installed backward or not screwed into the cabinet? Yep, it has happened. Sealant missing around joints and allowing water intrusion? Yep, it has happened. Not even the dealer’s pre-delivery inspections caught these issues.

    As an inspector certified by the NRVIA, I do a comprehensive inspection of the RV. I visually inspect potentially over 500 items inside and out of the RV and rate them based on their original intended function.

    The report is then presented to you in a detailed, easy-to-read format typically 50-100 pages in length, giving you a visual state of health for the RV. With this report, you can make an educated decision regarding the purchase of the RV.

    Contact us today to learn how an inspection can save you time, money, and a potential headache.