At Faithful Journey RV Services, we help RV buyers with their RV purchases, education, and maintenance, and much more! Reach out today and get your questions answered.

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    RV Consulting

    Are you new to the recreational vehicle (RV) market? Are you confused by all the options and jargon and have no idea where to start?

    At Faithful Journey RV Services, we are here to help. We want to make purchasing your new or used RV a painless process. We work with you to identify your needs and desires for an RV and then work with you to find options that work within your budget. We can also help you determine which tow vehicle would be best suited for your RV if requested. When you complete the purchase at the dealer or private seller, you request that the sale be contingent on an independent 3rd party RV inspection. We then come out and do an inspection on the RV to make sure that there aren’t any hidden surprises and rate the overall condition of the RV and its systems.

    Even after the purchase has been completed, there is a lot to learn about your RV. Let us do a thorough walk-through showing you how to operate all the systems from top to bottom and what maintenance items you need to keep an eye on.

    Fill out the form here to contact us and schedule a free 30min call to see how Faithful Journey RV Services can help you with your next RV purchase!