At Faithful Journey RV Services, we help RV buyers with their RV purchases, education, and maintenance, and much more! Reach out today and get your questions answered.

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    About Us

    About Us

    My name is Andrew, and I started Faithful Journey RV Services because I want to help people navigate through the journey of buying and maintaining a recreational vehicle (RV).

    When I purchased my first Class A motorhome, I quickly realized there was a lot to learn, and I made many mistakes early on. By learning in-depth through personal research and formal education about RV Inspections and Services, I now want to help people enjoy making a lifetime of memories and avoid headaches that can come with RVs.

    I come from an Information Technology Management background of around 20 years. Having this background is excellent when it comes to RVs for a couple of reasons.

    Firstly, RVs are including more and more technology to automate and simplify RV controls and systems. Secondly, there is an attention to detail that is needed to implement and manage IT systems. When it comes to RVs, this attention to detail is necessary when doing an inspection to gather all the facts to accurately report the RV’s condition.

    My goal is to help you make an informed purchase decision through an inspection, help you maintain your RV through service and lastly, help you through education of your RV on the operation of systems and maintenance.